Guidance Documents for Construction Storm Water Program at Ohio EPA

For all construction activities over 1 acre of disturbance, coverage under the General Storm Water Permit associated with Construction Activities will be required. The Permit can be found at the following address:
Link to PDF http://epa.ohio.gov/Portals/35/permits/OHC000004_GP_Final.pdf



A Notice of Intent (NOI) must be submitted for coverage under this permit. The NOI, instructions, and fee table can be found at:
External Linked Page




A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan in accordance with the General Storm Water Permit must be developed prior to the submittal of the NOI. A guide to developing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans can be found at:
Link to PDFhttp://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/storm/const_SWP3_check.aspx



We have developed a checklist for construction sites in the state of Ohio, which can be found at:
Link to PDF http://epa.ohio.gov/portals/35/storm/CGP_Ins1.pdf



Please be aware new post construction requirements apply. Questions and Answers regarding our new post construction requirements can be found at:
External Linked Pagehttp://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/storm/CGPPCQA.aspx



Ohio Standards for design criteria for Best Management Practices found in the Rainwater and Land Development Manual:
External Linked Page http://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/storm/technical_guidance.aspx



Darby Construction Permit:
External Linked Page http://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/permits/GP_ConstructionSiteStormWater_Darby.aspx



Olentangy Watershed Permit with fact sheet and additional requirements above the conditions of the State Wide Perimt found at:
External Linked Page http://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/permits/GP_ConstructionSiteStormWater_Olentangy.aspx



All forms and General Permits (NOI’s, NOT’s, CO-Permittee Transfer forms, Individual Lots etc., found at:
External Linked Page http://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/storm/index.aspx  (Click the Forms & General Permits Tab)



Propose Post Construction Criteria for ODOT or Public owned Transportation Projects found at:
External Linked Page http://www.dot.state.oh.us/se/hy/LD2/LD2TOC.htm



External Linked Pagehttp://epa.ohio.gov/dsw/permits/gplist.aspx[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]