The education committee’s purpose is to help provide educational opportunities to stormwater professionals throughout the State of Ohio. This includes putting on workshops, collaborating with other entities on existing programs, sponsor events, and to market other educational programs being conducted throughout the State of Ohio. We welcome more members; please contact Felicia Graham at 937-333-8598  or via email ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining this committee.


The marketing committee’s purpose is to promote OSWA through brochures, displays, and member communications as well as providing guidance to the board and other board committees.

Currently our activities include:

  1. Increasing membership through WMAO
  2. Increasing visibility through displays and information at other statewide events and conferences
  3. Increasing visibility and member communication through Facebook and the OSWA website
  4. Promoting the Ohio Stormwater Conference

We welcome more members; please contact Kelly Kuhbander at 513-861-5600 X5221 or via email ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining this committee.


OSWAs Transportation sub-committee provides members with a platform to present, discuss and engage in transportation storm water and water quality issues that we face addressing storm water runoff from linear transportation systems. This is an open forum type committee that encourages discussion and sharing of topics, lessons learned and solutions for others to hear and learn from. The committee has a transportation track as part of the annual conference and members are encouraged to submit abstracts/white papers on transportation storm water issues and to participate in an open round table discussion on current stormwater or water quality issues at the conference.

Should you have an interest in the committee or have questions please follow up with Mark McCabe at 614-221-0678 or via e-mail at [email protected]