Regina Collins, City of Toledo


Regina Collins is the Stormwater Coordinator for the City of Toledo since 2013.   As the Coordinator she plans, directs, supervises and coordinates a variety of activities within the Stormwater Section in order to maintain compliance with the City of Toledo Stormwater NPDES Permit. Regina has worked extensively in the Stormwater, Pretreatment, and Air Resources Programs for the City since August 2005.  Prior to her employment for the City she was involved in the environmental consulting industry, where she was responsible for both people and project management for numerous environmentally-related studies.  In addition to her consultative and managerial experience, Regina established the environmental division of a lending financial institution, managed non-credit technical and management development programs for The University of Toledo, Division of Continuing Education, targeted for the local, regional and national business community, as well as some selection of workforce development initiatives.


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